Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Kerala Photos

Houseboats attracts thousands of travellers who visit Kerala. Especially the backwater tour destinations like Kumarakom, Alappuzha are the main back water tour paradises in Kerala. Most of the traditional foods and vereity of Kerala dishes will be served with house boat packages. Most of the house boats will be beautified with wooden furniture and all other facilities like AC stay rooms, TV room, internet connectivity etc.
Kerala food items especially traditional sea food items are very famous. Kappa, fish curry, Karimeen, tiger prawns, Sadya
Kerala Sadya which inclues Rice, vegitable side dishes, Pappad, Payasam, upperi, banana, pickes, aviyal, thoran, etc
Do anybody will forget the memorable incredibels of Kerala beaches ? I dont think so
Snake boat race attracts many travellers to Kerala
Kerala have different kinds of specialities which attract many travelers and tourists to its destinations

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Splash Monsoon Carnival 2013

Splash monsoon carnival 2013 to be held from 12th -14th July

The most waited splash monsoon carnival is ahead. For those who missed the Spash version 2012 off road riding and carnival, it is the right time to catch. Yes the event is just ahead. The 2013 version of Splash Monsoon Carnival will be held at Jeep Club, Wayanad during 12th July 2013 to 14th July.

Wayanad Tourism Organization is in its highest peek of thrills to organized the 5th season of SPLASH.

The 5th season is going to celebrate with more delegates than its previous editions. WTO is expecting about 500 delegates for Splash monsoon carnival 2013.

In 2012 season the off road rally was held at Meppady at Elamalakkunnu. More than 60 expert drivers participated in the off road rally of Splash Monsoon Carnival 2012 off road rally. Most of the experts off road drivers were from Coorg of Mysore. Hundreds of monsoon travelers enjoyed and viewed the expert drivers driving their vehicles through hilly roads and difficult streamy path arranged for off road rally. Hope the even is going to be favorite to Monsoon tour lovers.